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Little Sous turns the kitchen into a place where families connect and children become creative, confident cooks.

At Little Sous, we turn the everyday chore of feeding your family into a joyful, meaningful, and balanced (because life should include both cookies and quinoa) opportunity for togetherness.

Through our website, unique classes, and at-home education modules, we help children become culinary adventurers who discover their natural talents and become intuitive cooks as they explore the world’s cultures through food.

We turn your kitchen into a place for little ones to experiment, learn, and have a blast. Through hands-on moments of sticky, flour-y, and giggly creation and collaboration, we cook up confidence, patience, and resilience in kids.

And through our thoughtfully designed tools, we make sure that kids are always safe in the kitchen. Whether you have 5 minutes or 50, we’ll help you make the most of your time spent cooking up meals and memories together.

Plus, we recently launched the Little Sous Kitchen Academy subscription box. Each month, kids receive a themed box that contains a step-by-step cooking lesson; recipe and activity cards; a ready-to-color poster filled with games and puzzles; stickers; and a high-quality culinary tool or non-perishable ingredient designed to empower kids in the kitchen. We want your kids to love the kitchen as much as you do!