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VIDEO: James And Calvin Make Fajita Foil Packs

Deep in the woods? Stoking a backyard fire pit? Up your kids' outdoor cooking game with these parcels of fun.

We’re excited to partner with our great friends at Tillamook to bring you Campfire Cooking: a celebration of some of the things kids can easily make and eat in the great outdoors. From fajita foil packets to hot dog spiders, ooey-gooey banana boats to super s’mores, your next backyard excursion just went next level.

Get hands-on, screen-free time with your kids that'll fuel edible family  moments. Take your "Campfire Cooking" game to another level with our Kitchen  Academy kit! 

Marnie Hanel is a mom and co-author of The Campout Cookbook (Artisan Books, © 2018).