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15 Breakfast-in-Bed Recipes to Help You and the Kids Win Mother’s Day

Special morning = special efforts. We've got your back.


There’s really no wrong way to celebrate Mother’s Day. (Uh, aside from forgetting entirely. Let’s not do that.) But there is an established right way: breakfast in bed, prepared by the loving hands of spouse and children, served at a decent hour.

This ritual provides an ideal opportunity for Loving Spouse to impart good values, like appreciation of family, service to others, and the vital importance of coffee. But it’s also a great chance to break out some fun, kid-friendly recipes, launch a shared project in the kitchen, and give kids a chance to practice and learn some basic stuff about cooking.

It doesn’t have to be hard. And you don’t necessarily need to wake up at the crack of dawn. From the Little Sous archives, check out these four slow-cooker saviors, which let you get things started at a civilized hour—and also cook at low, relatively kid-safe temperatures. You do have to decide whether your Mother’s Day honoree is a grits person or a French toast casserole person.

For a more action-packed morning, check out chef Leather Storrs (and his daughter Charlotte) in our hands-on video lesson; they turn the perfect scramble into egg sandwiches, a highly reliable centerpiece to a leveled-up B-in-B. (They also talk a judicious amount of smack—it’s all part of the game!)

If you’re looking for more à la carte inspiration, the ten breakfast-in-bed-ready recipes below can help. Just remember that whatever you make, the key ingredient is love. Whether mimosas come into play is a house-by-house decision.